2015 Grammy Award Winning Composer Ricky Kej

"Stef has an amazing, emotive and mesmerizing voice that really brings a song alive. I had worked with Stef last year on a single and it was an amazing experience working with her voice. I have listened to Colour My Soul multiple times, and I love this recording. The whole album works together so cohesively, and every song is beautifully performed by not just Stef, but her entire band. I wish Stef all the best."

2015 Grammy Award Winning Composer Wouter Kellerman

"Bold new music!  What appeals to me here is the style in voice modulation. It’s just the thing for songs that are actually telling a story, so evident on Colour My Soul, What I Need and Sad Boy. Maui song does have a touch of boldness added in. Guitars in the arrangement complement the vocals just like peas in the same pod. Bold, new music and it’s in a class of its own!"

2014 Grammy Award Winning Artist/Pianist Laura Sullivan

"Stef's new album glows with tenderness, romance, and depth of emotion..... This fantastic release makes her an artist to watch as her career continues to blossom with great promise." 

2014 Grammy Award Winning Singer/Songwriter/Producer Jennifer Gasoi

“Colour My Soul” displays an artistry that is refreshingly honest and soulful.  Her passion comes through in spades in the songwriting and heart-felt vocal performances."

Honolulu's Power 104.3 Morning Show Host & Recording Artist Tantra (Love's Heretic)

"Stef Mariani is music of the soul. She turns inside out when she perfoms for you. Her vulnerability is full and real on the microphone. She is a martyr for real artistry and story telling as a musician. There will never be another her." 

"I knew I found a real friend, who through her own personal adversity, was optimistic about life.  She could relate to me and share that optimism." 

- Susan SurfTone, Huffington Post

"Her voice, reminiscent perhaps of Tracy Chapman, effectively conveys the emotional turmoil experienced." 

- John Berger, Honolulu Star Advertiser 

"What comes out of her is a melting pot inspired by several generations of music.  If I had to identify who she sounds like, I would say something like Adam Duritz, Tracy Chapman, Natalie Merchant or Fiona Apple meets Grace Slick."

- Breedlove, Proud Sponsor